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Sister Somalia; Stateside Blogger-in-Chief

Sister Somalia is a United Nations endorsed NGO dedicated to providing support to survivors of gender based violence in Mogadishu and the surrounding areas. Working to change the global conversation on women’s security in Somalia and other war zones, Sister Somalia’s leaders, Fartuun Adan and Ilwad Elman, speak at events around the world, have been key speakers on TEDX programs, and have received numerous awards for their efforts, including the International Women of Courage award presented by Secretary of State, John Kerry, and First Lady, Michelle Obama.



Washington Lighthouses, “Keep Shining” Blog

An organization dedicated to preserving, protecting and sustaining Washington lighthouses as Washington state coastal treasures.



Peoples LogoPeoples Retirement Community 

A Tacoma, Washington senior living community under the management of Senior Housing Management.



East Cascade Logo

East Cascade Retirement Community

A Madras, Oregon senior living community under the management of Senior Housing Management.

Weigel Bell Logo2



Weigel Bell Marketing and Freelance Services

My business blog where I discuss writing, blogging, and social media.



The “Unnamed Sci-Fi” Story

The “Unnamed Sci-Fi” story blog contains the first two chapters of a science fiction book I am currently writing. The theme explores the ethics of manifest destiny, corporate callousness, nature vs. science, emotion vs. logic, and personal responsibility towards mankind and our environment and it is told through the experiences of a ‘common man’ of the future.



From – “The Insider’s Guide to Travel in Europe.”

Placed fifth on The Expeditioners list of the “Top 50 Travel Websites”.

“Whirling With the Dervishes in Cappadocia, Turkey”




Hagia Sophia Light 1

“Walking Into Heaven: How Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia Uses Space to Influence Your Experience”


“A Day Trip on Spain’s Historic Menorca Island”


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“The Celebrated Menorcan Horse of Spain”

Ron Adamson“Traveling Along the Whidbey Art Trail” 


“Tea Time in a Cappadoica, Turkey Cave”

Ilwad Elman

“Ilwad Elman: Architect of Her Own Legacy Through Sister Somalia”



The USS Yukon

Oregon Alliance for Early Intervention!/OregonAssociationForEarlyIntervention

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