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A few years ago I had an echocardiogram and as I lay on the examination table and watched my heart steadily beat I was struck by the thought that this action, one I barely even think about, represented the difference between living and dying for me. Only me. This heartbeat was mine alone.

Twenty-two days after conception, before your existence is even known, your heart contracts for the very first time. A movement that begins the machine that is your body, and it continues beating with the same movement of muscle tissue throughout your entire life. It’s with you as you gasp your first breath at birth, grows with you as you run and play as a child, it might skip a beat at the sight of your true love and it surely aches during times of loss. It’s truly the only constant throughout your life, and the moment your heartbeat stops marks the end of your existence on this earth.

What a magical thing.

I don’t know when a soul enters a body or when “life” begins, that’s not what this post is about. I just know the function your heart performs is bigger than just mechanical and when this one small, naturally-occurring, automatic action stops our bodies stop, too.

What a profound thing, the heart.


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  1. Beautiful, Dena!!!!!

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