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A great gift has been bestowed upon me.

A non-profit organization has asked me to be their Stateside Blogger-in-Chief. It is a great honor to me and I am very proud of the fact they came to me because of the writing I have done on this blog.

Over the past year this blog has been a wonderful indulgence; a place to celebrate, to mourn, to learn, and to play, and it’s been fun! Now, it’s turned into a catalyst for me to become part of an organization that helps people in the most desparate of circumstances halfway around the world.

I invite you to visit the blog at Sister Somalia,, where Ann Shannon has posted an interview she conducted with me to discuss my new role within the organization. I will be posting to the Sister Somalia blog every Friday, beginning August 17. I hope what I write inspires you as much as the honor of writing for them has inspired me.

And thank you for reading this blog over the past year and into the future!


Comments on: "This Blog and the Next" (6)

  1. Cherrykola Beeken said:

    Congratulations Dena! WTG!!!

    You are now a professional writer!!!

    Dreams do come true!!

    Hope to see you soon.


  2. Shelly Essary said:

    Congrats Dena… you will be awesome at this new adventure!

  3. Thanks to you both. Your support, both of you and others, has really encouraged me to go after my dreams. : )

  4. Super Congratulations, my friend! What an excellent cause! You are amazing!!

  5. Tweeted and promoted Congratulations. Would love a return tweet and FB promote for my post:

    Thanks a bunch. Ciao, Carole Di Tosti

    You can find my writing at the following links.

    Technorati The Fat and the Skinny A Christian Apologist’s Sonnets

    Carole M. Di Tosti, Ph.D. 83-33 118th Apt 6H Kew Gardens, NY 11415

  6. SO proud of you, my friend!!! God bless you and this awesome cause!

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