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I started a new book today. It’s about a woman adventurer named Emily Hahn and her spirit spoke to me in the very first paragraph.

Emily Hahn and her monkey, Mr. Mills.

“During the Great Depression, a male colleague cautioned Emily Hahn to “be careful” when she quit her $25-a-week teaching job, left New York and went looking for adventure in the African jungles. “I still don’t know what he meant,” she said sixty years later.”   – Emily Hahn: Nobody Told Me Not to Go by Ken Cuthbertson

Embarking on any new adventure will always invite detractors who, knowingly or not, have the potential to derail you from whatever it is that is calling your soul. Shut out those voices with all the energy you can muster because the words they speak are the same words they use to hold themselves in their own prisons of horrible jobs, relationships, etc. Each person is unique onto themselves and their goals in life should naturally reflect those differences. So, be supportive of your friends’ dreams while chasing down your own.

I’ll tell you more about this fascinating woman after I read the book.


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