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To my surprise, I found another writer had nominated my blog for this award. It’s grown so much recently, and I’m meeting so many wonderful people!

Jen Owenby nominated me, so please, show her some blogging love and support and visit her at: Thanks Jen! You rock!

Part of the award is to nominate seven others. It’s a wonderful way to network and give a thumbs up to those that you enjoy. I’m subscribed to several, so this isn’t easy. However, here are my seven choices:

Inspiration Import  – A wonderful blog that focuses on sending out good messages through poetry and prose.

Tina Mattern – Tina’s published  in  several “Chicken Soup For the Soul” books, and she is working on an amazing memoir concerning her fight with breast cancer. Tina’s strength and humor will lift your spirits!

Carol Di Tostie – Carol writes about weight issues, how they shape our ideas of ourselves and talks about real women’s lives and battle with weight. She brings a fresh and vibrant voice to the issue.

The Silver Poet – I’ve only recently gotten into poetry and I’ve become an admirer of The Silver Poet’s style.

Julie McKay Covert – Great photography.

Hear In Aid – I love finding new music and this sight features an ecclectic group of new artists.

Carly Larson – Carly is a travel writer and photographer who decided to live the life she wanted instead of the dictated by a boss in a stuffy office. I love it when people break out and break free!

Words of Honest Unwisdom – A fun blog with nice ‘slice of life’ stories.

If you choose seven to accept this award, copy and paste the award icon to your blog, provide a link to the one who nominated you, then nominate seven blogs that you would like to recognize, and let them know that you nominated them.

I hope all of you enjoy these blogs. Thank each of you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me. I’m learning so much from everyone.


Comments on: "The Beautiful Blogger Award" (5)

  1. Congrats Dena! I do love your blog, you are an amazing writer, keep up the great work!

  2. Read your 2nd paragraph! 🙂

  3. Tina Mattern said:

    Thanks, Dena!!!! I’m so far behind in responding to my blog stuff but I so appreciate your thinking of me!!!!

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