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Family Day

In our family June 1st is celebrated as ‘Family Day’. It’s a recent tradition but has become the most important holiday we celebrate. For, you see, one year ago we received word that our adoption was complete in the eyes of the legal system. One year prior to that, after only a seven week search, we were connected with a birthmother, and only two weeks later we were given our littlest family member. It was a miracle in timing and connection, and I don’t think it was coincidental. I often say that our baby was waiting for us to get it together and as soon as we were ready, there she was waiting for us.

The sacrifice made by the birthmother and her family was great and the gift our child’s birthparents gave to us is immeasurable. The few days we spent at the hospital with them will be a special memory we will pass onto our baby girl. Our birthmother’s parents were gracious and supportive of their daughter and us and I am eternally grateful to them.

It’s been a beautiful, crazy, and relatively easy experience for us and now we are not just husband and wife, we are a family.


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  1. I remember the day you were blessed with Tatum. I have not forgotten her as far as her knitted presents are concerned. I’m in the process of creating some new things for her and will let you know when they are finished. Love to all three of you.

    • I was sorting through her baby clothes recently and found all your beautiful knitting. I can’t believe my wiggling, wild little girl was so tiny. They are all so cute!

  2. What an amazing, wonderful story!!!! That’s awesome that you were able to adopt so quickly and relatively easily. As you said, it was more than coincidence for sure! How long ago was this? I’m so happy for your family!

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