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It’s Official!

An article I submitted to has been accepted and published today. I’m so excited about the new turn in my writing career!! You can check it out here:


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  1. Tweeted and promoted. Congratulations. Love it if you could promote and article I wrote for Technorati? Thanks. It’s

  2. Excellent news Dena!

  3. Dena,
    Nice post about the Dervishes, I know it captures the atmosphere because I’ve been there. Don’t know whether you have any other destination pieces available, but why not have a look at our Travelsignposts Writer’s Guidelines ( and see if you’d fancy working with us?
    Best wishes,
    Tony Page
    P.S. You could do with a contact form…

  4. Shelly Essary said:

    Dena, I can see why this was published! I felt as if I were there after reading it! You have a true gift! I am excited to keep reading more of your writings! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Thanks, everyone! It’s pretty exciting for me. I really appreciate you’re support and encouragement.

  6. Dana – and you visited Turkey BONUS – congrats! Lesley

  7. Genell said:

    Your talent is amazing!! I am so excited for YOU!!!

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