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My Wave

My Wave


  I start out as a tiny ripple on the endless, open sea.

Small and insignificant, I can offer only me.

The tide of time pushes me forward, then drags me back again.

But over the years

I brave my fears

To become my own great tidal wave.


 My wave; it swells a hundred feet, crests, and then subsides.

It may change from blue to grey but my wave is always mine.

Stormy weather diverts my path

But I always reconnect.

Gathering my power,

 By the hour

My wave, I can perfect.


My tiny ripple has found its way

Rolling ever forward.

It lived its life among the stars,

 But home is where it travels.



Comments on: "My Wave" (5)

  1. Shelly said:

    AMAZING Dena! Simply amazing…

  2. And sharing your poetry is living proof you are creating your own great tidal wave! Go with the flow has a whole new meaning!

    Hope you are having fun waving at your world.

  3. tammypatton said:


  4. Tina Mattern said:

    Lovely, Dena!

  5. Malou Prestado said:

    Beautiful poem and the pictures are gorgeous!

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