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Wheat Fields with Reaper at Sunrise

This painting is not only a visual representation of a wheatfield, it’s also a physical depiction. I feel the heat from the summer sun beating down on a dying landscape. I see the blasts of hot wind whipping the wheat heads around in circles. I feel the man’s clothes sticking to my own skin as he works.

I’m glad I have air conditioning.

Starry Night

The sky is alive in this painting. Stars shining, moon glowing, and, whether it’s the Milky Way or the wind, I see space moving across the Earth at night.

This is the sky I saw each night as a child. I miss it.

Comments on: "My Favs: Van Gogh" (5)

  1. said:

    It is clear to me now that you should be hired to help me write about my own paintings!


    (And happy New Year!)

  2. Sue Manuel said:

    Great post, Dena ! “Starry Night” has always evoked such emotion in me. It will always be my favorite painting. I miss the stars too…


  3. I wanted to say thanks for following my blog! Vincent van Gogh is my greatest artistic inspiration. It’s great to read your posts about them. Keep writing about those great artists! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Mo, Cherry and Sue. I have a fine arts degree and, like many, have no avenue to enjoy it so writing on this blog has been a real pleasure. You will be seeing more! I think a look at how an environment can influenc an artistic style is coming up…

  5. Malou Prestado said:

    I see that you are a big fan of Van Gogh. I hope you visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam when you were here. By the way, there are also some Van Goghs at the Kroller Muller Museum in Otterlo. You may want to include that in your places to see next time that you are here.

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