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Summer Sunrise

I sat alone, waiting patiently on top of a hill overlooking the valley.

Around me the rolling prairie rose and fell like giant waves abruptly frozen at high tide. Their emerald, olive and sage colored grasses sparkled like jewels under a thin blanket of dew and a downy fog had settled in the low-lying areas where leafy trees lined the banks of a creek. The songs of meadowlarks and blackbirds floated across the tops of the rushes and a cool morning breeze carried the scent of wild roses across the plain.

In the East, graduating shades of color were transforming the sky. The translucent, grey border that changed night into day marched slowly across the world, leaving a rainbow of colors in wide arcs behind it. First blue, then pink; orange, then yellow, catching each cloud and infusing it with color as they spread outward in a warm embrace of the Earth.

Then suddenly, from a single point on the horizon, a pure, white light shot across the land.

The sun.

Its flaming orange tip grew rapidly until the entire orb broke free of the Earth’s shadow and rose up to become king of the new day.


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