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Cell Phones

“You need to get a cell phone.”
I’ve heard this declaration from just about everyone I’ve had a conversation with over the last ten years. My response? “No. YOU need me to have a cell phone.”
I can agree that sometimes a cell phone would come in handy, especially, now when pay phones are being quietly removed and tossed out along with desktop computers (watch out laptops, you’re next) but that need only averages out to about five calls a year for me. You see, I like my independence. In fact, I thrive on alone time and to think of a life where everyone expects me to be next to a phone every minute of the day makes me cringe. I like my time alone. Completely alone. Now don’t get me wrong…I like people, I’m a social person but I also like myself and don’t feel the need to share everything I do with people. I’m against this type of narcissism with every cell (pardon the pun) of my being.
The fact that I’ve gone thirteen years since first given the opportunity to have a cell phone and still don’t own one should attest to my reservations enough to silence all my critics but, alas, I’m afraid they may win this fight for independence. You see, I have a one-year-old now. A running, falling, distracting, charismatic one-year-old. Now that I’m a parent I will be caving to that all-encompassing fear that my parents had for me and…
I’ll be the owner of a cell phone.

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